3D Cell Patterning

Creative Bioarray provides you with 3D cell patterning service based on Cell Patterning. This service can help you overcome the defects of traditional culture, realize 3D cell culture, and become a powerful tool for you to manufacture tissue engineering constructs and develop organ chips. In addition, we can also provide drug screening services based on 3D cell models, which can greatly save you time, accelerate the research process.

Why 3D Cell Patterning?

The manufacture of functional tissue is very important for clinical applications such as disease treatment and drug discovery. When developing new in vitro models or functional biological structures, the ability to replicate natural tissue microarchitectures in space and function is a key step in obtaining reliable and physiologically consistent cell responses. In fact, the traditional 2D in vitro culture technology has been unable to reproduce the complexity found in vivo, while the 3D model has been proved to be able to reproduce unprecedented clues from the natural environment.

From 2D to 3D biomimetic environmentsFig.1 From 2D to 3D biomimetic environments (Primo, G.A, et al.,2021)

3D cell organization is very important for the function of a given tissue. In addition, 3D cell arrangement in blood vessels, nerves, hearts and muscles plays an indispensable role in its overall function. 3D cell patterning technology has been rapidly emerging to meet this challenge. This technology can fully realize the artificial and cell filled biological model in tissue engineering, and accurately simulate the natural microenvironment in vitro.

3D cell patterning and culture for improving drug screening applications.Fig.2 3D cell patterning and culture for improving drug screening applications. (Chan, C.Y., et al.,2021)

Applications of 3D Cell Patterning

At present, considerable progress has been made in the development of micro physiological systems. These systems require us to accurately replicate the complexity and functionality of animal and human physiology. 3D cell patterning is the key technology to meet this challenge. The physiological related models established by Creative Bioarray's 3D cell patterning can provide key insights into the physiological or pathological processes related to health maintenance and disease control, and serve as a powerful platform for cell biology research, tissue engineering research, new drug development and toxicity screening. At present, its main applications are:

  • Tissue Engineering
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Organ Chip
  • Drug Screening

What Can We Do?

Creative Bioarray has the leading technology to create functional 3D patterns in hydrogels, an attractive material, similar to natural extracellular matrix. The 3D cell patterning is defined as the biological functional heterogeneity located inside the hydrogel, giving the biochemical and structural characteristics of the hydrogel space defined. Our methods mainly include light, chemical design, microfluidics, 3D printing and non-contact forces involving electric field, magnetic field, sound field or itself.

Our 3D cell patterning technology allows the generation of uniform, repeatable and functional spheres and organoids. These models can simulate the function, structure and structure of cells in vivo, reconstruct the physical and chemical clues of the internal environment, and the complex interaction between cells and their microenvironment. In addition, our technology is not just 3D cell culture. We can use 3D cell models to provide customers with further research, physical and chemical clues to reconstruct the in vivo environment, and more accurately predict the efficacy or toxicity of drug therapy. The services we can provide are mainly divided into the following types:

  • Organoid models
  • Primary cell spheroid models
  • Cancer sphere models
  • Screening drugs by 3D cell models in vitro
  • Monitoring biology in 3D cultures

Why Choose Us?

  • Accurately replicate the complexity and functionality of animal and human physiology
  • More accurately predict the efficacy or toxicity of drug therapy
  • Scientific and reasonable scheme design
  • Rich experience in cell patterning projects
  • High quality and fast service

Creative Bioarray provides customers with cell patterning customization and related detection services based on Cell Patterning, you can contact our employees directly to ask questions if you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


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