Cell Biology is the study of cell structure and function. Cell patterning has the ability to simplify the research system and clarify the impact of foreign signals on cells, which greatly improves the defects of traditional methods in cell biology, such as cell migration, cell differentiation, co culture, Spheroid culture, single cell analysis and so on.

Tissue Engineering refers to the technology of using bioactive substances to reconstruct or repair organs and tissues through in vitro culture or construction. Cell patterning can realistically replicate the complex microenvironment in vivo to meet the needs of tissue engineering. For example, in vitro models such as hepatology models, heart models, neuron models, vascular models and tumor models.

Screening under the patterned cells background delivers more effective and comprehensive information about drugs. With innovative cell patterning technology, we can overcome the traditional limitations of drug research and development and speed up the process of Drug Discovery.

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