Cell Patterning for Heart Tissue Engineering

Creative Bioarray aims to simulate the complex in vivo microenvironment for cardiac tissue engineering through cell patterning technology, and summarize the physiological or pathological conditions of human heart, including 3D anisotropic tissue structure, direction of extracellular matrix network, vascularization and circulation. We aim to build a functional in vitro heart model with high cell viability for you, and establish a reliable culture model for basic researchers in drug discovery, regeneration, pathophysiology and pharmacology.

Cell Patterning for Single-cell Analysis of Cardiomyocytes

Cell Patterning for Single-cell Analysis of Cardiomyocytes Our cell patterning technology can limit colony geometry, regulate cell morphology and function, and support high-throughput analysis. 2D patterned cell culture platform is regarded as the first step of engineering heart model, which focuses on single-cell patterning and analysis. We can shape a single cardiomyocyte into a pre-designed pattern, compared with the alignment of cardiomyocytes simulating myocardial tissue. Because the single-patterning of cardiomyocytes is widely involved in myofibrillogenesis and its relationship with extracellular factors, this technology can provide insight into cell mechanism, characterize the heterogeneity of cell population, and screen the response of single cells to different environmental factors.

Cell Patterning for Embryogenesis and Cardiogenesis Study

Cell Patterning for Embryogenesis and Cardiogenesis Study Our cell patterning technology can accurately control the shape and size of cell colonies to generate uniform embryoids to study embryogenesis and cardiomyogenesis. This technology can regulate the degree of differentiation by regulating the cell-cell contact in human embryonic stem cells, affect the uniform expression of pluripotent markers in human induced multifunctional stem cells, promote the differentiation of embryoids into cardiomyocytes, and improve the yield and repeatability of cardiac differentiation. In addition, our cell patterning method can also be used for high-throughput analysis of cell fate determination and endogenous signal pathway activation and differentiation bias.

Cell Patterning for Vascularized Cardiac Tissue

Cell Patterning for Vascularized Cardiac Tissue More and more evidences show that 3D cell culture and co-culture of various types of cells can make up for the shortcomings of original 2D cell culture and make the cell growth environment closer to the normal physiological state. Vascular system is one of the key factors to shape the bionic tissue microenvironment. For arteries and veins, three cell layers are needed to reproduce the normal structure, including the inner membrane, which is composed of endothelial cells and pericytes, the middle layer (in the artery) has smooth muscle cells and elastic fiber layer, and the outer layer is composed of connective tissue.

Our cell patterning technology can highly simulate human tissue microenvironment, create native organ like 3D cardiac tissue with directional structure and vascular network, simulate the relevant physiological characteristics of cardiomyocytes, reproduce the complexity of cardiovascular system, and even reproduce the mechanical load state observed by cardiomyocytes under physiological and pathological conditions.

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