Cell Patterning in Cell Biology

The Relationship Between Cell Patterning and Cell Biology

Cell patterning refers to the use of micromachining technology to shape micro scale physical and chemical parameters related to cells on the substrate, such as morphology, hardness, roughness, temperature, extracellular matrix protein and cell growth factor, so as to prepare cell addressable patterned substrate, and then induce cells to selectively adhere to specific areas through their own response mechanism to form patterns according to design.

Nowadays, cell patterning has developed into an experimental tool widely used to study and control cell behavior. It can make cells grow in preset areas and form specific patterns. At the same time, it can directly regulate the size of cell community, the distance between communities and the interaction between homogeneous or heterogeneous cells, so as to affect cell metabolism and cell function. Cell patterning can control the spatial distribution of cells at the micron scale, so it is of great significance to the basic research field of cell biology.

Our cell patterning technology is a powerful biomedical engineering tool to study cell behavior and function!

What Problems Can Our Cell Patterning Technology Help You Solve in Cell Biology?

Cell Patterning for Stem Cell Research

Cell Patterning for Stem Cell ResearchOur cell patterning technology can provide strict control of cell environmental parameters and reconstruct the conditions of cell culture in vitro, so as to control the stem cell microenvironment, control stem cell differentiation and study stem cell heterogeneity. Through cell patterning technology, we can accurately control the adhesion, abscission, differentiation and cell-cell interaction of stem cells, load shear force and growth factors on a single stem cell in real time and controllably, explore the ideal conditions for regulating the growth and differentiation of stem cells, regulate the differentiation of stem cells to target tissues, and track and observe the behavior of stem cells.

Cell Patterning for Neurobiology Research

Cell Patterning for Neurobiology ResearchOur cell patterning technology can realize the micro scale patterning of surface nerve cells, simulate the internal environment of central nerve, reduce the gap between in vivo and in vitro simulation, control the growth of neuron cells according to the patterned path, form a specific neural network, analyze the ions in nerve cells, and quantify the axons of nerve cells. Through cell patterning technology, we can help you understand and study the morphological information of nerve cells and the impact of spatial structure on the growth of cells on the micron or even nano scale, and accelerate your process of studying neurobiology and revealing the mechanism of nervous system diseases.

Cell Patterning for Tumor Biology Study

Cell Patterning for Tumor Biology StudyThrough cell patterning technology, we can accurately control the tumor cell microenvironment and establish a bionic tumor model; It can detect and quantify the migration process of tumor cells under different conditions (soluble cytokines, cell types and inhibitory drugs, etc.); It can create a perfusion vascular system with precise control through flow operation to simulate tumor angiogenesis. This technology can help you understand tumorigenesis, tumor progression, invasion and metastasis, and vigorously promote the development of therapeutic agents for tumor microenvironment mediated signals or tumor microenvironment compositions.

Cell Patterning for Cell Behaviors Study

Cell Patterning for Cell Behaviors StudyThrough cell patterning technology, we can simulate the complex physiological microenvironment in vivo, flexibly adjust the proportion and distance between different cells, and accurately manipulate the degree of homotypic and heterotypic contact, so as to facilitate you to study cell behavior under well controlled conditions, including cell morphology, intercellular interaction, apoptosis, cell migration and cell differentiation. Studying cell behavior through cell patterning technology can help you understand many important biological processes, including angiogenesis, tumor metastasis, wound healing, embryonic morphogenesis and nerve regeneration.

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