Patterned Cell Culture

Creative Bioarray provides you with patterned cell culture based on Cell Patterning. We aim to control factors such as spatial constraints and chemical exposure in the 3D platform through cell patterning technology to create a specific microenvironment, so as to better study the impact of cell microenvironment on the behavior of cells, tissues or organs and realize high-throughput drug screening.

Why Patterned Cell Culture?

The behaviors of cells depend largely on the forces in the cell microenvironment. The ability to manipulate and selectively locate cells in different microenvironments is crucial for some studies of cell behavior, such as cell migration, tissue engineering, co culture assay, drug screening, and cell signal transduction. Patterned cell culture aims to create a specific microenvironment through cell patterning technology, allowing scientists can better study the impact of cell microenvironment on the behavior of cells, tissues or organs.

Fig.1 The cellular microenvironment.Fig.1 The cellular microenvironment. (Li D, et al.,2011)


Single-cell Patterning

The single-cell patterning technology we provide allows the effective selection and operation of single cell. We provide effective methods to help you conduct more in-depth research on cell membrane function, cell particle interaction, drugs and external stimuli at single-cell resolution. We are committed to help your research on cell heterogeneity through cell patterning.

Patterned Co-cultures

We can co-culture a variety of cell types through patterned co-cultures technology, such as nerve cells and endothelial cells, cancer cells and vascular endothelial cells, hepatocytes and fibroblasts. We can strictly control the degree of homotypic and heterotypic cell-cell contact and improve the control of cell spatial distribution in culture, so as to provide you with an effective tool for manufacturing tissue engineering constructs and studying cell-cell interaction in vitro.

3D Cell Patterning

Our 3D cell patterning technology allows to generate uniform, repeatable and functional spheres and organoids, simulate the function and structure of cells in vivo, reconstruct the physical and chemical clues of the internal environment, and the complex interaction between cells and their microenvironment. It can become a powerful tool for you in cell biology research, tissue engineering research, new drug development and toxicity screening.

Patterned Cell Culture Inside Microfluidic Devices

Our patterned cell culture inside microfluidic devices can drive fluids and manipulate biological particles (such as DNA, RNA, proteins and cells) on a microscale. Compared with the traditional cell detection system, the emerging microfluidic chip technology has great advantages in high-throughput drug screening, which can greatly improve the analysis efficiency and high-throughput ability, and reduce the cost.

Why Choose us?

Fig.2 Creative Bioarray provides you with high-quality service.

  • Scientific and reasonable scheme design
  • Rich experience in cell patterning projects
  • High quality and fast service
  • Professional and strong team
  • Strict quality control management

Creative Bioarray provides customers with cell patterning customization and related detection services based on Cell Patterning, you can contact our employees directly to ask questions if you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.


  1. Li D.; et al. Role of mechanical factors in fate decisions of stem cells. Regen Med.2011, 6(2):229-40.
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