Cell Patterning in Tissue Engineering

Relationship Between Cell Patterning and Tissue Engineering

Tissue engineering has great potential in overcoming the limited availability of transplantable organs. Traditional tissue engineering methods need to use porous, biocompatible and biodegradable materials to construct tissue scaffolds. The appropriate cells were then seeded on the scaffold and cultured in a bioreactor.

Creative Bioarray can guide cells to the desired position through cell patterning technology, the control force can be optical, magnetic, electrical or fluid, or a combination of several forces. This technology does not depend on the pre-modification of cells. It can easily realize large-area patterning, simulate real tissue, improve the efficiency and quality of tissue engineering, and promote the exploration of cell-cell interaction. Therefore, cell patterning technology has important application value in tissue engineering.

What Problems Can Our Cell Patterning Technology Help You Solve in Tissue Engineering?

Cell Patterning for Liver Tissue Engineering

Cell Patterning for Stem Cell ResearchOur cell patterning technology can accurately pattern heterogeneous hepatocytes to simulate biological liver morphology to maintain hepatocyte function. The in vitro functional liver model established by cell patterning technology can simulate the in vivo microenvironment of cells, with good cell-cell and cell ECM interaction, optimal oxygen and nutrient supply, accurately controlled temperature and pH value, mechanical stress and high cell viability. Our cell patterning technology can establish a reliable liver model for basic researchers in drug discovery and liver regeneration, disease, pathophysiology and pharmacology.

Cell Patterning for Heart Tissue Engineering

Cell Patterning for Heart Tissue EngineeringOur cell patterning technology can accurately control the shape and size of cell colonies, simulate the complex in vivo microenvironment for heart tissue engineering, and summarize the physiological or pathological conditions of human heart, including 3D anisotropic tissue structure, direction of extracellular matrix network, vascularization and circulation. The in vitro heart model constructed by cell patterning technology has high cell viability, which can be used in drug discovery, regeneration, pathophysiology and pharmacology.

Cell Patterning for Kidney Tissue Engineering

Cell Patterning for Kidney Tissue EngineeringOur cell patterning technology can truly simulate the fluid environment dependent on the growth of renal tubular cells, accurately control the biophysical characteristics, including the size, number and conformation of renal organs, create a vascular cavity with a diameter of hundreds of microns, and provide the culture medium through the perfused endothelial vessels to the bioprinted kidney. Through cell patterning, we can provide the accuracy and speed required for organ generation, and generate accurate, customized and complex structures, which is expected to promote the research of regenerative medicine.

Cell Patterning for Vascular Tissue Engineering

Cell Patterning for Vascular Tissue EngineeringOur cell patterning method can replicate the structure of independent blood vessels and vascularized tissues in vitro, pre vascularize large-scale tissue structures and reproduce the structural complexity of vascular system in vivo. Through cell patterning technology, we can open up a new way for traditional tissue engineering to prepare blood vessels and vascularized tissues, provide practical solutions to solve the problem of vascularization, and promote the clinical transformation of tissue-engineered blood vessels.

Cell Patterning for Cancer Tissue Engineering

Cell Patterning for Cancer Tissue EngineeringOur cell patterning can accurately reproduce the tumor microenvironment in vivo and simulate the tumor behavior and drug resistance encountered in vivo. In addition, the technology has the advantages of miniaturization, real-time observation and high-throughput, so it is easier to establish an in vitro model close to the real tumor microenvironment in vivo, including simulating tumor angiogenesis, tumor invasion and metastasis. Through cell patterning technology, we can establish tumor models and chips for drug screening and analysis, so as to contribute to the in-depth study of the molecular mechanism of tumor microenvironment and the development of new drugs.

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