Cell Patterning for Kidney Tissue Engineering

Chronic kidney disease has become an increasingly serious public health problem. The common outcome of its continuous progress is end-stage kidney disease. Dialysis and renal transplantation are the main alternative treatments for end-stage renal disease, but there are various deficiencies or limitations. The emerging tissue engineering technology has made gratifying progress in repairing, improving and reconstructing human damaged tissues or organs. Among them, cell patterning technology provides the possibility for the research of renal tissue engineering.

Creative Bioarray can provide the accuracy and speed required for organ generation, generate accurate, customized and complex in vitro kidney models, and cell patterning technology based on 3D bioprinting we provided is expected to promote the research of regenerative medicine.

Microfluidic Cell Patterning for Simulated Renal Filtration System

Microfluidic Cell Patterning for Simulated Renal Filtration System Filtration and reabsorption occur in the nephron composed of glomerulus, renal capsule and renal tubules. Effective culture of renal tubular cells is very important to simulate renal function in vitro.

On the one hand, our microfluidic cell patterning technology can truly simulate the fluid environment dependent on the growth of renal tubular cells, on the other hand, it can also support the fluid environment for the growth of tubular cells, and provide porous membrane support for maintaining cell polarity, so as to facilitate the formation of cell polarity. Our cell patterning technology can provide a bionic environment, the kidney models established by us show stronger abilities of albumin transport and glucose reabsorption.

Cell Patterning for Promoting Stem Cell Differentiation into Renal Organs

Cell Patterning for Promoting Stem Cell Differentiation into Renal Organs The directional differentiation of human pluripotent stem cells into renal organs has brought prospects for drug screening, disease modeling and histogenesis for renal replacement. Currently, these applications are hampered by organoid changes, immature nephrons, low flux and limited scale.

Our cell patterning technology based on 3D bioprinting can generate kidney like organs with fast and high throughput, and has a highly repeatable number and vitality of cells. In addition, 3D bioprinting can accurately control biophysical properties, including the size, cell number and conformation of renal organoids, while the modification of organoid conformation greatly increases the nephron yield of each starting cell number. This facilitates the manufacture of uniformly patterned renal tissue sheets with functional proximal tubular segments. Our automated bioprinting technology for kidney organoid production can improve flux, quality control, scale and structure, so as to promote the in vitro and in vivo application of stem cell-derived human kidney tissue.

Cell Patterning for Vascularized Kidney

Cell Patterning for Vascularized Kidney The renal vascular system is particularly important in the kidney, where the process of filtering blood from waste and maintaining fluid homeostasis occurs. It has been shown that the progression of chronic kidney disease depends on the remodeling of vascular network. Therefore, the correct vascular system in the newly designed kidney is very important for the recipient's future health.

Through the cell patterning, we can create a vascular cavity with a diameter of hundreds of microns, flow the culture medium through the perfused endothelial vessels and provide it to the bioprinted kidney, so as to form the glomerular vascular system. This technology opens the practical possibility of using human endothelial cells to generate vascularized human renal organs. Our vascularized kidney organoids established by cell patterning technology can provide you with a powerful research tool for real-time study of human nephrogenesis and glomerulogenesis with single-cell resolution.

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