Biopatterning-based Cell Services

Creative Bioarray is committed to providing you with valuable tools for studying cell surface interactions, intercellular interactions, and cell signaling pathways, as well as better and more realistic safety and risk assessment predictions by cell patterning technology based on Cell Patterning.

What Can Cell Patterning Do?

What Can Cell Patterning Do

  • Control the location, density and growth environment of cells.
  • Control the degree of homotypic and heterotypic cell-cell contact.
  • Produce uniform, repeatable and functional spheres and organoids.
  • Drive fluids and manipulate biological particles (e.g., DNA, RNA, proteins and cells) at the microscale.
  • Control cell geometry and cell morphology (including size, shape, and interconnectivity).
  • Regulate cell contractility.
  • Simulate the physiological environment and create a functional in vitro model.


Patterned Cell Culture

We are committed to providing you with a variety of patterned cell culture services, including single-cell patterning, patterned co-cultures, 3D cell patterning, patterned cell culture inside microfluidic devices. We aim to create a specific microenvironment by controlling factors such as spatial constraints and chemical exposure in the three-dimensional platform through cell patterning technology, so as to help you better study the impact of cell microenvironment on the behavior of cells, tissues or organs, and provide you with powerful tools in cell biology research, tissue engineering research, new drug development and toxicity screening.

Studies of Cell Behaviors by Cell Patterning

We aim to control the cell adhesion geometry on the surface through cell patterning technology, reconstruct the conditions of cell culture in vitro, control the diffusion area of cells, cell morphology (including size, shape and interconnection), and control the degree of homotypic and heterotypic cell-cell contact. We are committed to using cell patterning technology to assist you in relevant research on cell behavior, including cell patterning for controlling cell–cell interactions, cell migration guided by cell patterning, cell patterning for controlling cell apoptosis, cell patterning for regulating cell differentiation, cell patterning for cell morphology.

Cell Patterning for In Vitro Models

Through patterning technology, we can locate cells in the basal region in vitro, so as to control the cell shape, location or heterogeneous tissue structure, restore the tissue conditions and processes in vivo, and establish an in vitro model that can better represent the in vivo environment than simple 2D monolayer cells, including liver, heart, cancer, kidney, skeletal muscle, vascular tissue, cartilage tissueskin tissue and nerve tissue models. These models we provide can provide you with better accuracy in drug discovery and more accurately predict the activity of biomolecules.

Why Choose Us?

Biopatterning-based Cell Services

  • Scientific and reasonable scheme design
  • Rich experience in cell patterning projects
  • High quality and fast service
  • Professional and strong team
  • Strict quality control management

Creative Bioarray provides customers with cell patterning customization and related detection services based on Cell Patterning, you can contact our employees directly to ask questions if you are interested in our services, please contact us for more details.

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