Cell Patterning for In Vitro Models

Creative Bioarray provides you with cell patterning for in vitro models based on Cell Patterning. We aim to simulate the complex microenvironment and micro ultrastructure in vivo through cell patterning technology, establish a functional in vitro model, and assist you in more effective and faster biological research and preclinical drug development.

Why Cell Patterning for In Vitro Models?

The basic relationship between tissue structure, pattern and function, and how these are destroyed during disease, has puzzled biologists for decades. Cell patterning has become a powerful tool to explore and analyze the relationship between cell and tissue structure and the resulting function. Cell patterning technology allows us to locate cells in the basal region in vitro, so as to control the cell shape, location or heterogeneous tissue structure, establish an in vitro model that can better represent the in vivo environment than simple 2D monolayer cells, provide better accuracy in drug discovery and predict the activity of biomolecules more accurately.

Fig.1 In vitro liver model based on cell patterning can be used for drug response.Fig.1 In vitro liver model based on cell patterning can be used for drug response. (Lee J.H, et al.,2019)


Cell Patterning for In Vitro Liver Models

Our in vitro liver models established by cell patterning technology show continuous liver cell function and good correlation with clearance in vivo, and can maintain liver-specific function. It is of great significance for you to understand liver metabolism, initial liver injury mechanism and study drug hepatotoxicity.

Cell Patterning for In Vitro Heart Models

The in vitro heart models established by us through cell patterning technology can summarize some physiological functions of the heart, and customize the exclusive shape according to your application (screening, maturation, regeneration and medicine), providing a powerful tool for you to study the basic mechanism of the heart, cardiac drug screening and regenerative medicine.

Cell Patterning for In Vitro 3D Cancer Models

The 3D cancer models established by us through cell patterning technology are composed of tumor cells and other cells, which can better simulate the heterogeneous tumor microenvironment and the formation of natural connective tissue in vivo, and provide a powerful tool for you to understand tumorigenesis, tumor progression, invasion and metastasis and develop tumor therapeutic agents.

Cell Patterning for In Vitro Kidney Models

The in vitro kidney models established by us through cell patterning technology can simulate the physiological environment, summarize the filtration, absorption and excretion of drugs by the kidney, and realize the natural kidney like behavior, which can not only predict the improvement of organogenesis and organoid maturation in the new therapy, but also improve the drug screening and the discovery of nephrotoxicity.

Cell Patterning for Skeletal Muscle Models

Our skeletal muscle models established by us through cell patterning technology can reproduce the complexity of active muscle tissue and summarize the organization and function of live muscle tissue, so as to increase your understanding of different cell types and their interactions in the process of skeletal muscle formation, and promote your development of new therapies for pathological muscle.

Cell Patterning for Vascularized Tissues

Our vascularized tissue models established through cell patterning technology can create vascular network patterns with the required geometry or size range, which can be used together with other tissue components to create the vascular system, providing you with powerful tools in drug toxicology, drug screening and potential disease modeling.

Cell Patterning for Cartilage Tissues

Our cell patterning technology can generate accurate spatial patterns and create different levels of cartilage tissue by controlling different biomaterial properties and cell types in each print layer, so as to promote the research and development of your cartilage regeneration and help you open up challenging new treatments for joint defects and potential osteoarthritis.

Cell Patterning for Skin Tissues

Through cell patterning technology, we can accurately print skin and skin substitutes with high biocompatibility and low immunogenicity according to your needs, and provide you with reliable skin models for pathophysiological research, drug screening or in vitro treatment effect evaluation.

Cell Patterning for Neural Tissues

The neural tissue models established by us through cell patterning can better simulate the formation, function and repair of the nervous system, so as to promote your pathological research in the nervous system and diseases, and accelerate the development of potential therapeutic approaches for neurodevelopmental mental disorders and neurodegenerative diseases.

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For research use only, not intended for any clinical use.
  • (USA)